As you enter the Sacre Coeur from place St Pierre, you pass Ghanaians selling West African bracelets, Romany gypsies begging, French musicians strumming…various communities all trying to get hold of your Euros. But when you reach the top of Paris’ ‘sacred heart’ you are treated to the incredible skill of Guinean footballer Iya Traore, doing […]

The sign at the gym read: “DO YOU WANT TO BE SHIPWRECKED WITH THE CHANCE TO WIN £25’000? CHANNEL 4 ARE LOOKING FOR PEOPLE AGED 18-25 TO SPEND THREE MONTHS ON A TROPICAL ISLAND…” Only a few weeks earlier, at the same gym (Fitness First in Sheffield), I’d rented out Danny Boyle’s film adaptation of […]

Art Deco & Africa, 1925 This weekend, after picking up an ENAR Foundation Award in Paris for the Facebook page Afropean Culture (Woo Hoo!), I spent some time with my good friend Chris and his lovely (& expecting!) lady Naj at their home near the 13th Arrondissement. In between hours of musical indulgence (Chris is […]

Few arts have developed the idea of Afropean as an aesthetic like music. Presented here are ten particularly beautiful videos born from a musician’s vision in which something fresh emerges from what W.E.B DuBois described as the ‘double consciousness’ of the black diaspora experience. They are also videos that transport us through time and space, […]

Wandering around the ‘old town’ of Le Panier in Marseilles. Le Panier is an area of the city that was once known for its large immigrant population, but is slowly becoming gentrified by young middle class families attracted to its beautiful old crumbling terraces and multicultural atmosphere… Le Panier has a starring role in the […]

I met Tony in a small Italian town 60KM South West of Venice. He described himself, with a wry smile, as ‘The only black man in the village’. He was full of stories… One was about being the European tour manager for Fela Kuti in the 70’s.  I didn’t know whether to believe him until […]

This weekend the Scandinavia Show came to London’s Tobacco Dock in Wapping, and being a bit of a Scandophile I decided to pop along to feed my enthusiasm (mainly by eating a shed load of Swedish meatballs covered in lingonberries). I perused stalls that celebrated everything from clever furniture to the Aura Borealis, and watched […]