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Afropean: Documenting Black Europe Book coming June 2019 (Penguin)


Well, after years of threatening to finish a book documenting my travels through Black Europe I’ve finally handed in a final draft to my editor.  As I prepare for the release you’ll see a few changes across all my online platforms, including, which will undergo a major revamp next month in line with the beautiful art direction of my book cover by the legendary designer Anna Bergfors (the image above is one of the alternate covers that we decided not to use – I’ll share the official cover soon).

I came back from the trip with an embarrassingly huge amount of words from my travels (Over 175’000!) which was whittled down to just over 120’000, so I’m going to divide all the stuff I had to cut (including a meeting in Portugal with Emory Douglass of The Black Panthers, and a jam with Benjamin Clementine in a Parisian Hostel) into a series of Blog posts.  Blog, I hate that word!  Can we call this an online journal?  I may also go through some of the weaker stuff on here that I wrote and published when I knew nobody was looking.

What I’m trying to say is that the past eight years of my life comes to fruition next year, which means I can actually start focussing on enjoying the results of the hard work I’ve been putting in in solitude and begin creating new work, which I intend to share here.  Oh, and check for everything else!

It’s time to walk the walk!